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Update...Team More Strength

Hi and thanks again for checking out our site, I am the
Team Captain for "Team More Strength".
Shortly after I was diagnosed with MS I was feeling down then I realized that even though my life is changing due to MS it is only a part of my life.
We want to make a difference and help others with the disease.
So with the support of my wife and 2 daughters we formed Team More Strength. We are participating this year in the MS 150 bike ride. The ride takes place in the Logan area on June 27th & 28. It is a 150 mile bike ride to raise money for the National and Local MS chapters.
We can make a bigger impact if you help us.
We need you as part of our team. Please!
Join us today. $$$
If you want to ride with us on the 27th of June join our team. We plan on having a team area and activities that will be for everyone. There is a small registration fee and then you can set your own fund raising goals.
If you are unable to ride but still want to support "Kent's family and Team More Strength" you can do it without having to ride.
Contribute( $ ) directly to "Kent Packer and or Team More Strength" at the website attached . THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Living with MS has been challenging for me. I challenge you to make a difference in the life's of people affected by MS. Make a contribution today. Click on the link below ( it will take you to our Team site for the Harmon's Best Dam 150 bike ride) and make a difference today.

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